Web developer with or without a job

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    I don't have a job and I look like a homeless person tbh (although I do shower twice a day and wear nice clothes)
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    Fits me 😅
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    @D3add3d try searching for a job instead of taking shower twice and I am sure you will get one soon
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    That beard is too fancy, he is propably a front ender
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    I always look like I don't have a job because I like to meet certain hygiene standards.

    Seriously though, why are specifically SWEs so poorly dressed in general. It's not like we learnt it from the great minds of this field. Other engineering fields dress somewhat appropriately as well. But IT folk somehow think it's cool or hip to walk around like they've just survived four months on a risky deserted island. Ironically the same people then wonder why they have trouble meeting a SO....
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    @polaroidkidd yes you are right that it is cool for all the SWEs and we always like to dress properly but the beard part gives a different swag to this generation
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    @pratik27 I don't even mind the beards! I think beards are the shit if they're maintained!

    I'm talking about wearing comic thrmed t-shirt, shorts, white socks and sandals. That kind of outfit has just never struck me as particularly business-themed. And it's not only men here. Even the women (let's be honest, they out more time into their looks than most men) in this field dress like slobs.

    "No Janice! Your 4 day old sweat pants don't smell homey, they smell of sweat. And if your entire home smells of sweat, maybe you know why no ONS ever stays for breakfast!!"

    I'm not saying we should start being all business-y, but for the love of Linus, have some self respect and dress appropriately.

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    @polaroidkidd you cannot judge someone with long beard and messy hairs that he had not taken bath from the last 3-4 days and even I don't like someone with sweaty smell btw no one likes.
    I believe that we should not judge the way people live coz they have all the rights to be themselves.
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    @pratik27 well, the catch is that I don't need a job, I am a uni student :D
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    I'd love such a beard. At least gives me the chance to trim the clutterfuck
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