Just had Windows pop up with a notification saying “We’ve turned on storage sense for you”. Love it how the default is “When Windows Decides”. Was that why countless users lost their data back in October 2018???

I think I’ll turn that off permanently 😂😂😂

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    Maybe there's a business case there... A program that finds porn you haven't seen for over a year
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    I don't know if emptying the downloads folder is turned on by default, or not, but if yes, and windows decides to turn on this storage sense stuff, one might lose a complete downloads folder real quick.
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    @marci010101 it used to be, not anymore.
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    The October update data loss issue was not related to this feature.
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    Was going to disable that thing just after reading this rant.. until I realized that I'm using Linux. Yayaayyaayaaaaay!
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