My girlfriend keeps getting review requests from restaurants we visited.

Then there's a list of all the visited ones on her phone.

Location services is off.

Fucking annoying.

Google sucks.

Absolutely no respect for privacy.

None whatsoever.

Privacy is a myth.


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    at least there are no review requests from restaurants YOU didnt visited with her... :D
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    Remember, if you’re not paying for a product, YOU are the product.
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    @blockchaintacos Not always/per definition.
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    Cell tower triangulation, SSIDs seen by your gf phone that have been reported to google by folks who have gps on,.... It doesn't mean G has invaded her privacy :) there are ways around it
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    Gps is off but she connect to the restaurant wifi 🤭
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    @netikras Tracking her without her explicit permission is absolutely an invasion of privacy. The method is totally irrelevant.
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    @jak645 you don't have to connect. Your phone only needs to be able to see the wifi for it to know where you are. Multiple overlapping networks with signal strength? Extremely accurate geolocation.
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    On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
    Tap the Menu Menu and then Settings and then Notifications and finally Your Contributions.
    Disable all. I recall that Google asks if you want to contribute during setup as an opt-in.
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    Hm, you're acting like as if you didn't read 1000 pages long Terms of Service.
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    @jespersh Thanks. Yes. But all these settings do they really mean anything ? I mean permissions and all in general. I mean Google can do whatever the hell it wants if it wants to. Why even ask ? Why give the illusion of being considerate about privacy ? I don't think it's possible to de-Google completely. I'm therefore not happy.
    @CaffeineNAnger @Root @jak645 @linuxxx
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    @WildOrangutan 😅 Did you, though ?
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    Pack your phone like a sandwich in aluminimum foil
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    @Root It doesn't mean G is tracking HER per se. It could be as well covered with:

    - allow us track your location: [ ]
    - allow us ask you for a feedback about places near you: [x]

    G might not track her LOCATION. But it might scan for devices around her phone to identify familiar hotspots [which is NOT _location_ as hotspots can be moved in all 3 dimentions]. Tacos truck can be traveling all around the city. Being near its hotspot does not tell your location but it tells that a tacos truck is near you hence the popup: "did you like the tacos truck? Leave a feedback". No location tracking involved at all. You might not like it bcz you feel like being tracked but it's all good by the letter of law.

    I'm sure there are more smart ways to get around user's conscent and G has exploited them. The one I've mentioned might not even be the one in OP's case.
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    @netikras That is still tracking.

    Fair point about taco trucks, but most venues are fixed, and most taco trucks (etc.) don't provide wifi.
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    just wow they look at your emails
    "Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored."
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    Welcome to the present... When most of people will understand, will be too late
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    @rantalicious it's a bit overpriced, isn't it?
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    @rantalicious welcome to degoogled people 🙂
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    @Root I can bet all this is covered by some smart evadive phrases in ToS. Noone reads them anyway :) tbh I don't even know which ToS to look at [what's making those feedback popups?]. Android? Gmaps? Gplay? Smth else? G is too big and too well known to deliberately ignore users' preferences about privacy. They must have covered it up in some smartass way :)
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    Copper is so much better than aluminium. :-)

    Phones are useful for when you get locked in the carpark and need to call for help..

    Not that anyone comes even when you do so !

    Recommend, sledgehammer/hacksaw/crowbar in the boot of the car for such times..
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    @rantalicious @dontbeevil @netikras @Nanos @Gregozor2121 @Root
    @alexThunder 'I' don't have any issues. I use Google as minimally as possible. But the people I care about .. What about them ? Can't ask all of them to be careful. They don't care. Can't track me then tracks my friends and family. The bloody thing.
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    @-red It's definitely possible. The only reason I have a Google account left is for my devrant++ subscription.

    Except for that I actually actively block Google domains :)
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    @jessica-laurent Thanks for the link, saved me searching 😅

    I do have a phone running android but might I add that I removed Google services? Yes? Thank you 😊
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    Couple of things make that possible.

    1) Wifi scanning
    2) Low energy gps via triangulation
    3) Recognized Bluetooth devices
    4) Bluetooth beacons
    5) Ambient sound (I hope not)
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    @Techno-Wizard 6) Google's lying and deception.
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    Turning off the service doesn't opt you out of Google's surveillance... You have to go to https://myactivity.google.com/ to not only opt out but also delete any data you don't like
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