Im looking for audiobooks i can listen to on my way to work. About 40mins per ride. Preferably anything that has to do with personal development or other insightfull/ skill enhancing books.

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    I'm sure there's a Gary Vee book or something like that. I hear he's the cool dude people with "entrepreneur" in their insta bio follow these days lol
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    listen to Karl Marx - The Capital
    It will give you an deep understanding on capitalism and where you fit in with your workforce.
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    Sapiens. Could not recommend it more
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    Manly p. Hall is quite interesting. He wrote a book called the secret teachings of all ages. He opened up a university of philosophy in the states. You can find many lectures online, between 30minutes and an hour.

    The other dude i recomment is Alan Watts, hes about the self and a easter view of reality. Heavy but funny.

    The new guy ive listened to is Jordan Peterson, he is a psychologist.
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    Can you really learn anything useful while driving?
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    @simpleJack ik beeing driven. a bus to be precise
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    Ahh i see. I automatically assumed you were driving a car as public transport is non-existent in South Africa
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    @simpleJack that sucks too hear. with a car my commute would come down to 10 minutrs so i doubt it would be worth it anyways
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    May I recommend Moonwalking with Einstein ? Doesnt suite your requirements but I guess it would be short and sweet.
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