When I say I'm a developer, it means that, in simpleton language, that I don't do your backups, I don't "repair" you PC because you're a baffon and I certainly do not edit company's logo which is in .png format deliver it in .cdr file and expect it as, as good and perfect as original, So fuck you, you impatient , imbecile , pompous prick I've ever met

> "Yeah take as much time as you want, but do it quickly"

I mean what the fuck does that even mean, if you want it done quickly then say so, be a man and face it and don't hide behind the excuse of "take as much time as you want"

Fucking idiots, little do they know when I'm in the zone I need time to think before act so I don't get blamed for "un-satisfied" product in the future.

So I've decided to leave loopholes in the current project I've been working on, deliver it, and leave the company and make their lives living hell, I know this is beneath anyone's standards but I have to do this to teach them how to treat a person properly,FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,

This is going to be fun

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    If you dont like your workplace then leave. Sabotaging things will impact the ones you want to get back the least and it will all come down on a random person like you. Dont be a dick, be better than them.
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    @Codex404 Look, I know you're right, and I'm leaving in3~4 months, but what I've been through, I see this is the only way to get back.

    The way I see it they chose this path, they know about my impatient and snappy behavior and still, they chose to go that way, maybe I'm quite narrow-minded to leave the way I'm leaving and I shouldn't be doing this but there are 2 urges fighting within myself, 1. do it and 2. don't do it
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    @nothappy that makes it even worse. You will only be a dick to a next developer....
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    @Codex404 not proud about that and won't even regret
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    This has ’disgruntled employee’ written all over it.
    You need to be more professional about this as it will only sabotage for people you most likely aren’t targeting. i.e other developers.

    It’s also on the ethical level of a 12yo.
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    @HughRant agreed. And what about the employer part?
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    @nothappy well it goes like this:

    If a developer is misbehaving, he/she is exposed to the possibility of being fired.

    If a company is misbehaving, it exposes itself to the risk of employees leaving.

    As little as you’d expect the company, from which you’ve been fired for misbehaving, to ruin the life of your sister, they shouldn’t expect you to ruin the lives of their employees after you’ve handed in you resignation.
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    This has "diva" written all over it.

    Be professional.

    You have a problem with how things are done? Go to the person who can do something about it, explain the problem and why is it a problem; then provide a solution for it.
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    Don't burn bridges.
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