I feel like at some point it'll become more shit than it's ever been. Partially due to the fact that it seems like EVERY school is trying to get the students into computer science at this point.


I feel like some kids that are being forced to do computer science will basically be like "huh there's money in this, maybe I could do this" but they're completely shit at it, when they would have been MUCH better off doing something else.

Side rant, somewhat related actually:

I had a teacher last semester that has to teach one of the computer science classes starting this year (I was not taking her computer science class, it was an unrelated class). From what I've seen, she does not seem fit to teach the class at all.

She's supposed to be teaching some simple programming (no clue what languages, I didn't bother to take the comp sci class). And she knows that I know the stuff, so she would ask me about the simplest things. Which is 100% fine...if she wasn't teaching a computer science class.

She just does not seem fit to teach a computer science class. I'm sure that the school basically just threw her in there because they needed SOMEONE.

I'm honestly kinda scared for the students in the class that might want to go further into computer science, only having taken that class and having met the requirement for a more advanced class, but then being thrown into a class where they don't know a fucking thing.

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    Offer to teach the class

    Lesson 1 - tabs vs. Spaces
    Lesson 2 - how to shitpost on reddit
    Lesson 3 - stackoverflow

    There is no lesson 4
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    TEACHER: "Okay class, today's lesson is SHITPOSTING ON REDDIT. Our three objectives for today are:

    1. Knowing no programming whatsoever

    2. Having a Reddit account username containing an old programming joke everyone's heard a million times

    3. REAP THE KARMA from /r/ProgrammerHumor"

    -The teacher writes the lesson and objectives on the whiteboard.-

    STUDENT 1: "Mr. <redacted>, what type of content should we be posting?"

    TEACHER: "Well, /u/arraysstartatzer0, take any meme format and throw some jokes in there about arrays starting at zero, as your username would suggest. Also, PHP is terrible, JavaScript is stupid, and 404 means something doesn't exist"

    -Roughly 20 minutes pass.-

    STUDENT 2: "Is this good, sir?"

    -Student 2 posted a class joke-

    TEACHER: "What the fuck /u/kate1998, that's actual content! WE DON'T POST ACTUAL CONTENT HERE! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CLASS!"
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    @simpleJack That took me way too long to think of, but now I want to try writing like an actual sitcom episode like that.
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    @infernalempress I think I'd actually watch a sitcom with this kind of script.

    Hm... I'd even volunteer to play a role in a sitcom like that (although my last real "acting" experience was the theatre club at school).

    I like your style.

    Still, the point of CS ed shouldn't be to push people into CS (I mean, PE isn't there to make kids into athletes, right?). It should teach them the basics, making sure they can run their system, safely administrate their home network, maintain a safe online life (or decide on whether they even want that) and MAYBE some basic coding to automate stuff.

    Anything beyond that is professional's work, those who want to be that should dedicate the right amount of time to it.

    There's no shame in the skilled trades - and hell, there's a load of cash in them because they're desperate for new people (at least where I live)!

    Adam Smith was right I guess.
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    @ilPinguino Maybe we should write a sitcom man! However, I'm not one for acting, I've always preferred backend stuff, such as writing in this scenario.
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