None of these people are real.
The “photos” are generated via neural network.

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    That's impressive.
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    You missed one of the coolest parts - where it mixes faces!
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    Head turn, living rooms, cats, cars; I was very impressed.
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    Holy shit, so Terminator 7 could be with the Arnie from 1990 again!
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    Bow down and worship Nvidia right now!
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    currently searching for implementations, and of course the weebs were first to the party. dozens of working anime models, but nothing for human faces. did anyone have more luck?

    If need be, i'm also fine with training an AI for days.
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    that's a freaking cool way to bypass Facebook's profile picture obligation!
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    @mishaor do you need a profile picture? I’ve had a fake account without a photo ever since I registered it
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    So, no more can we use an image search engine to discover if that charming person asking for our bank details on a dating site, is using a profile picture nicked from someplace else on the web !
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    @620hun well, today Facebook locks your account if you log in from another computer without a profile picture/log out.
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    @MoonOwl not sure if that is a joke.
    If it is a joke, it is a very bad one.
    If it is not a joke, consider killing yourself. Kthxbai
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    @irene While you drool over the pretty possibly underaged Asian girl, allow me to masturbate to their PDF creation skills. Not an image, just raw sexy bare LaTeX markup... 😲🤤
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    I am looking forward to the YouTube shitfest where various politicians and celebrities are puppeteered to shout foul language, contradict their own agendas, or perform various suggestive acts.

    "Look mommy, I found a video of the prime minister where he says he is against article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive, after which he starts deepthroathing a cucumber! Why is this man running the country mom?"

    The 2020's are going to be an interesting decade.
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    @bittersweet that’s why the pdf is 21MB
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    @bkwilliams I think that's because the source photos are very high resolution
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    I hope those people will never born in this solar system. What will be the consequences if a guy born in further came to know that his picture was already decided by technology years ago 😀😱
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    @venky with DNA sequencing and CRISPR you can pick how your baby looks from a matrix like menu.
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    The real gag will come when we realise computation is universal and these people lived real conscious lives in the blink the network took to construct them and capture their likenesses and then winked out of existence afterwards.
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    @irene I have bad news for you. Your blonde Asian date from the source pictures is ALSO a fake. See the artifacts.

    I think it's funny how at high zoom level, many photos dreamt up by neural nets are reminiscent of oil paintings.
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    I wonder if for my next passport, I can mix in like 10% of a famous person. 🤔
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    @bittersweet genius! 😂😂
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    Damn i find this kinda hard to believe 😮
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    > there are already videos on pornhub with

    > pasted on faces of Korean pop celebrities.

    I'm reminded of the time my then girlfriend spotted a video rental tape in a store where the guy on front cover looked just like me.

    I swore I hadn't been in any porn film, honest !

    Naturally, she had to rent it to check. :-)

    We looked so similar it was freaky.

    Over the years, various friends have said they saw me at so and so place and nearly walked up to me to say hello.

    Only I'd never been there..

    Must just be lots of guys who look like me around..

    Well, they say we all look alike. :-)

    Not that there is anything wrong even if one has been in a porn video or two. :-)
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    @Nanos oh, you are from *that* series... 🤔

    @all you are easily impressed. Generating and or mixing face pictures is how old? 25 years?

    But someone mentions "neural net" and your nipples harden. 😕
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    @Nanos phew, at least I'm not handsome enough to have a twin of mine in a porno. ^^
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    Why is there so much Nvidia hate here? They make good cards.
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    @irene True. And then you find out that some of the biggest haters are iPhone users... 😅
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    Update for those still interested: the document at https://stylegan.xyz/code has been changed, the "release date" now says "in a couple of days" rather than "january 2019", so i'd guess some time in the next week. i'll comment again when i notice a change.
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    @bittersweet why is there a constant 4x4x512 input? How did they define the constant?
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    source code and pretrained models are online!


    Edit: EVERYTHING IS CC-BY-NC, fuck yeah!
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    Uhh, I know some of these people. Dad, Mom? Uncle Jack? NooOOoo
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    chances are that all of them exist
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