I just had to print out some bills for a colleague.
Nothing too bad you say?

Well.. She doesn't seem to care about security or privacy at all.
I opened the website of her email provider at my computer and moved away from the keyboard, so she could log in.
But instead she told me her email and password... In an office with some other colleagues... Multiple times and wrote it onto a piece of paper that the later left on my table.
After that I should look through her inbox to find the bills.
(Yup, I know a lot more about her now)
After finding and printing out her bills, she just thanked me and walked out of the office, because hey, why should I log out of her account?

It's nice that she trusts me... But that was a bit too much...

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    Most non technical people treat security like this, it isn't stupid, it's piss poor training.
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    So when will her bulk order of buttplugs arrive from Amazon?
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    So... did you try where else you get in using those credentials, what passwords are saved in her browser etc? Also, infected her email and social media contacts?

    Details man, details :)
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    @ilPinguino your evil.... time to spam her contacts with innocuous emails....
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