So, I work in a game development studio, right?
We're trying to launch the title on as many platforms as reasonable, because as a social VR app we're kinda rowing upstream.
So far, Steam and Oculus have been fairly reasonable, if oddly broken and inconsistent.
Enter store 3.
Basically no in-game transaction support (our asking prompted them to *start* developing it. No, it's not very complete). No patch-update system (You want an update? Gotta download the whole fsckin' thing!). No beta-testing functionality for most of their stuff ("Just write the code like the example, it will work, trust us!"). No tools besides the buggy SDK (Wanna upload that new build? Say hello to this page in your web browser!).
So, in other words: Fun.

We've been trying to get actively launched for two months now. Keep in mind that the build has been up on Steam and Oculus for over a year and half a year (respectively), so the actual binary functionality is, presumably fine.

The best feedback we get back tends to be "Well, when we click the Launch button it crashes, so fail."
Meanwhile we're going back and forth, dealing with other-side-of-the-world timezone lag, trying to figure out what is so different from their machines as ours. Eventually we get them to start sending logs (and no, Windows Event logs are not sufficient for GAMES, where did you even get that idea????) except the logs indicate that the program is getting killed so terribly that the engine's built-in crash handler can't even kick in to generate memory dumps or even know it died.

All this boils down to today, where I get a screenshot of their latest attempt.

I just can't even right now.

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    Could you try to install the Visual C++ 2017 redistributable? Unsure if you need the 32 or 64 bit, so try to install both
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    @jespersh that's up to them to do. It's their software. Ours properly bitches about it in any case.
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    Does the error mean store doesn't support htc vive?
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    @Tsaukpaetra just a suggestion on the error. No need to be "distributor should install it themselves" jerking it
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    @jespersh Yeah, I also suggested it to them, but I can't help others' incompetence otherwise I'd become a dependency, and nobody got time for that.
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    @ipinlnd No, it's probably just an issue with their installation. Regardless, the point was that they shouldn't blame us for bugs in their software. 😉
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    Steam's backend is a friggin mess.
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    I once installed a game on steam that wanted to install 15 (or was it 25..) dependencies.
    I guess the game dev didn't know which of the many versions of VC++ redistributable files to have steam install. 32 and 64bit versions.
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