I do my best thinking when I'm taking a dump

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    I thought I was the only one who sometimes likes to code in the bathroom 👀
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    It's a proper break. I and probably most people in tech have the same problem: we cannot take good breaks and relax time-to-time.

    If there's bordom there's more space for creative thinking.
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    @joas If I take a break the next exam will break my neck right the next second...
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    Multitasking done right!
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    Exactly, and chronic stress is really bad for anyone. But we just have to live with all the hurry somehow.
    Some handle it with socializing, hobbies and drinking, which do work, but I think it might be good to be bored sometimes.
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    So ... Instead of brainstorm you call it shitstorm?

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    Finally, something I can get behind.
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    We should start a #CodingConfessions hashtag
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    Showerthoughts is replaced with toiletthoughts.
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    For a sec I thought you meant var_dump()
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    For me it's taking a piss. Sometimes I stand for a solid minute infront of the pissoir thinking while being done pissing.

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