How does one convert an .img system image for Android to the format readable by Heimdall on Linux... Only thing I found so far requires Windows... Why make Heimdall if you need Windows anyway to make the image... Just use Odin on Windows then... Any ideas? Don't have Windows... And all I need is to read a bloody logfile (btsnoop_hci.log). Thanks, "secure" Android Oreo!!!

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    Clarification: Heimdall is the multi-platform recovery/new os flasher for Samsung phones. It uses the same image formats (special snowflake, can't read .img) as Odin, which is a leaked tool for Windows only.

    There is allegedly a script that converts .img to Odin's format, but it works only on Windows... My question is this: is there such a script/app for Linux and what is even the point of making Heimdall if it uses the same format that can be only generated on Windows... Oh, right, Heimdall is open source. Linux version is still pointless, though, considering I need Windows anyway to convert the image file.
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    <facepalm> Don't trust frontends... Should've went with command-line from the get-go. Thanks... I'm having trouble finding the simplest answer using search engines lately...
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    @SanitizedOutput I've got version 1.4.0 of Heimdall and couldn't find a newer one... That answer doesn't work with 1.4.0.

    Still better than Windows, though - tried it there and not even Samsung's USB driver works, so I guess I should be glad Linux at least detects the phone...
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    Anyone selling rooted developer phones around the Czech Republic? Looks like forcing the company to buy me one is my only option...

    But then again, since the stuff I need those logs for happens on Android 8.1 Samsungs, that will probably be useless...

    No time to fuck around with compiling Heimdall myself, though if that's my only option...
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    @DarkAngel sorry, I have no experience with the topic, I only did a quick search and assumed that a newer version could be available since the SO answer was from 2015 😁
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