Is it okay to be a introvert in this world. I am really concerned

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    Don't be. People aren't concerned with what you think about them, so there is no reason for you to spend energy in the opposite.
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    Being an introvert - yes. Go ahead. Totally fine.

    Having bad communication/interpersonal skills, which is in many cases linked to introversion (in my experience anyway) - no, not really. Please make sure you don't skimp on this. I won't say that it's a necessity because it isn't, but it really, really helps.
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    It is not. However, you can't change that, but only adapt. The world demands demands lots of interaction, communication and those who manage social skills will thrive more easily.

    All introverts can adapt to some extent, though. It's a matter of survival. Thry just need to keep in mind that regular isolation is crucial to recharge their batteries and keep sanity.
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    I suggest reading Quiet by Susan Cain
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    Perfectly fine. I am an introvert, too.
    Being a programmer is a good choice. Your machine will not twaddle your ear off. 😉

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