"The more GPUs you buy, the more money you saved" - Jensen Huang. ASUS finally promoting GPU mining app on their RTX official webpage! Good luck with saving money!!!

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    I have a true hatred for gpu mining driving all the prices up and making it impossible for me to finally get 60 fps in csgo
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    @simpleJack this app is hosted in China, definitely a scam! No one can make perfect by mining with single GPU, unless the power and hardware are free. (Which is illegally using company’s property. Could lead to criminal charges)
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    Warning: It’s a sarcasm! Money doesn’t work this way! Do NOT try any “cloud mining”!
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    It does not say at any point that this is about mining. It only mentions "cloud-based applications", so it could be something like AWS hosted (partially) on random people PC.
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    @arraysstartat1 Well... Become part of my botnet, I'll pay you 5 cents a day. Whaddyasay, still a better deal than that shit.
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    @arraysstartat1 True. It’s not a real cryptocurrency.
    If it’s using your GPU for “cloud computing”, where is the cloud part?
    My guess is “distributed computing” isn’t a buzz word.
    This is exactly the same as Razer’s softminer.
    They’re mining crypto, but give you toy tokens.
    If you search google, Q-Dot actually means something physical. It’s not even a real cryptocurrency! The company itself has full control over its value.
    Can’t believe Asus set it’s bar this low nowadays. 🤦‍♂️mind blowing
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