Teacher or Developer ?
1. Teaching: more free time, less salary
2. Developing: less free time, more salary
But I need both time and money, now what ?

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    Quality teaching, IMO, is much harder than programming.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you'll prepare about 1 hour for every 1 minute of lessons you'll hold. Minimum (Source: I do security awareness trainings internally). Plus: You'll need to learn new things as well before you can teach them. Pick a complex suspect and it may well be two hours per minute - after all, students DO ask questions and you should be prepared to answer them.

    So no, you don't have more free time. As for the cash, it depends on the country and what you factor in.

    You probably don't have the risk of getting laid off in a recession - that's why you get paid less. Risk = money, you can apply that to everything in life.
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    Also, you can do cute girls for grades 🤔

    PS: Just kidding! 😱
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    @irene do you have any ideas on how teachers can have more gain more hands-on industry knowledge ?
    Oftenly teachers "only teach", but not have time to gain practical knowledge in the industry.
    Any ideas to solve this ?
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    @ilPinguino do you think of a way teacher can gain more industry-practice in order to provide more up-to-date knowledge ?
    Because I think teachers cannot have that if they do not get out of their class, but oftenly they do not have time to do this
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    Become a digital marketer.

    All they seem to do is change the scope and take a cut.
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    @dannguyencoder honestly I have no idea about that.

    But I assume that only practice can gain you knowledge about the industry in the current state.
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    @irene thank you about that, i really appreciate your idea
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    @dannguyencoder Work in the industry and teach as a side job or volunteer work.

    That way, you can share what you learn and your students will gain useful knowledge.

    It's only partially doable though as you will likely be on an NDA in the industry and time is a constraint.
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    1) work in the industry

    2) get to a lead position to have more free time from coding and such

    3) teach

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