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    That looks like a Shitcoin miner I built back in '12...

    Those were the days.
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    This is getting old...
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    Android Studio isn't T H A T bad actually! Good enough with 8 gb RAM.
    Though I've seen people with 4 gb RAM cry while running it.
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    @kindacoder it works fine with 4gb too if you dont have a browser or some heavy process open but that also depends on the hardware and several other factors.
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    @BlackSparrow try using both Chrome and Android Studio simultaneously. 😂
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    Not a fan...
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    @kindacoder try testing on emulator at the same time
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    @kindacoder chrome or any modern day browser.
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    Android studio runs totally fine for me on my laptop. Acer nitro 5 AMD Ryzen5 2500U version
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    I remember building and emulator testing on Android Studio, with Chrome open. multiple tabs. Did not heat up, fans did not max out. Yet this is such a meme. 🤔
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