Dear gradle, no offense but I believe Rome took less time to build!

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    Then you are doing it wrong, don't blame tools for badly written scripts ^_^

    Do tell, why you think Gradle if so slow (+_+)
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    @yendenikhil define doing it wrong?
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    @armandventer Let me rephrase, with our current understanding of tech, is there anything wrong with how gradle does things (in performance scope)? The tool is pretty flexible and I have seen some really good and really bad implementation of gradle, lot of times, people complain that gradle build is taking too long, but when I see the build script, I understand that the atrocities(wrong project / module structure, bad scripting) are performed by people writing these script and nothing wrong with the gradle itself.

    Also, this is not the first post where I saw people complaining about gradle but noone can tell me what is wrong with it. (If I moan that it is slow, then there must be better alternative / way of doing it! please let me know about it, else I can say everything in the world is slow compared to where we can be in 100 years!).
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    @yendenikhil breh, calm down, I'm not dissing gradle as a tool in general, the instance/build I am forced to work with is probably as you put it atrociously put together, so this specific instance/build of gradle is being ranted about, there's no need to defend the honour of the gradle as a whole mate, and I'm not going to try and change a gradle build of a project I didn't create, if it was an open source or personal project sure, but this is a live project used by our clients. And in terms of our current knowledge no gradle is actually quite advanced, and yes everything is slow to what it could be in 100 years because we can make anything and everything faster if we have the time to do so, but very few people have that kind of time.
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    OH SNAP, SON YOU WRECKED GRADLE. have the ++ . Damn sickest burn I have seen so far this year.
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    True that
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    Tell me about it.. 😑
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    Gradle teach you patience!
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    @thesagya it shows you da wey
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    Daily struggle, spend as much time waiting for it to build as I do coding
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    I feel you in this. Sometimes thinking about and making a change doesn't take as much time as building the android project again. But I've seen it work perfectly on my frnd's system with SSD. Planning on buying one myself.
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    I laughed a bit too hard at this
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    No offense dude. Reinstalled the devrant app after 3-5 months not using it. Seems this never gets old..
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