One terabyte SSD with an 8GB of RAM running on Core i5 and system still lags... Opened task manager and found the culprits but what i cannot figure out is who the true villain is among the two of em. 🤔

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    Firefox is not a problem. You have almost 6 Gigs more.

    Take a look at who uses the disk because disk access can cause severe lags when capped out (and yours is at 100%). (My bet: some windows service, probably update service downloading tons of updates)
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    WTF a 1TB ssd and 100% ssd usage?!

    Ya shall move all those apps to ssd if you are still using hdd
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    Why are you sorting by name?
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    @Gregozor2121 That 100% reading i don't know what it is because i still have about 400GB of storage left.
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    @bkwilliams That is manager by default
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    @irene yes... but firefox was kinda eating more of my ram than cpu
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    @bkwilliams sorting by name is useful because the most interesting programs are in the first group.
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    @GiddyNaya it's not 100% storage, it's 100% utilized performance wise. Something is reading/writing a shitton on your ssd. Based on the fact that it is a SSD, it probably shouldn't do thst, so check out who's the true evil.
    If the task manager doesn't immediately spit it out, check the resources manager
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    @GiddyNaya so? RAM consumption means nothing until RAM is full and active swapping begins.
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    There was a bug on one of window's update that capped IO usage at 100% all the time.
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    @Gregozor2121 @GiddyNaya

    There is a \s somewhere here right?
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    @irene don’t forget windows takes at least 2gb ram just idling.
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    @sunfishcc anyways I see that your ram is only 77% full so it is not the case.
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    Firefox is known for eating a bunch of RAM. But usually it doesnt slow u down much, except ure opening 40 tabs or sth
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