It's better quitting a job then quitting your life.

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    True. Welcome to DR!
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    That's right... And never put pineapple on a fucking pizza
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    @cobolplz what kind of evil is that ☚ī¸
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    Quit your job THEN your life?

    Or maybe THAN your life?<--- this one makes more sense
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    @C0D4 there are some sick fuckers out there
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    Mmm pineapple pizza.

    That's almost more delicious than leaving a promise-breaking, @root-ignoring asshole boss without any developers during the busiest time of year. Almost.
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    The difference between then and than is important here, as @AleCx04 pointed out already.
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    Yeah, never commit suicide without having terminated your job contract properly, including notification period. They might sue you when you're being garbage collected.
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    @-angry-client- see thats me except i will most likely die out of hunger than look for a job
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    @cobolplz in Finland they put pineapple on every kind of pizza 🍍
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