Started learning unreal engine, I feel the need of 3 monitors

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    And 3 GPUs, 3CPUs so you can finally place some realistic foliage ffs.
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    @lamka02sk I’m using a Ryzen 7 and Rtx2070. Works fine for meπŸ‘
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    I’ve been using three monitors at work and home for years. I wouldn’t work anywhere that doesn’t give me a minimum of three monitors. Whenever I have to travel and use a laptop the missing screen real estate is painful, be warned it’s one of those things that once you have it you’ll never be able to get by without it again. And you’ll also ask yourself what life could be like with even more monitors.
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    @sunfishcc I have similar setup but still if you add more foliage it is very slow. Other engines handle foliage better. This is unreals weakness. Trees and foliage = RIP performance.
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    @lamka02sk I’m still in beginner learning stage. Hope I can make it slow soon!πŸ‘
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