If I had these I would forget what color is the sun 😂

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    I had a setup with three displays, it's too much (at least for Android and web development)
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    @BrianValente I use two and i still find myself neededing more room
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    Damn I got a mini-orgasm looking at the setup.
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    Which Dell model are they?
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    I have three displays at work and sometimes I wish I have four. But managing multi-monitor configuration is a fucking nightmare on Kubuntu. And I ran out of display ports. There is still a possibility of getting a Thunderbolt hub but I don't know if the graphics card can handle bigger workspace
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    Your not alone budy me too
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    I have two dell ultrasharp 27, but I'm really glad to have a dell xps 15 instead of a mac... Quite good :)
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    I would probably burn it. Cuz Apple.
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    Three screen but that awful keyboard and mouse (and operating system), waste of space in my opinion. @dontbeevil I so want the XPS, they look and function so well.
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    @px06 I have the XPS 15 9550 provided by my company, now there is the new 9560 with HW refresh, but as I'm going to leave in one month than I'll wait for next Micsoroft Surface Book and than decide between that and the new XPS :)
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    Only for the low price of $49,999! Comes with free Apple Sticker! (Normally $49.99)
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    The sun looks like this: ☀️ (I think so (I'm not actually sure (need to go check it out (but ... never mind))))

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