As proud as I am of getting GameMaker studio functioning properly under a VM and then being able to automatically push the games to the Linux desktop... It still pisses me off that some people just refuse to support Linux because of 'no one wanting it' or 'it's not worth supporting all the different distributions', when people are using 20+ GB of storage just to run your application on a Linux desktop clearly proves that people actually want this... (That's also ignoring the thousands of other users who keep asking for it)

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    ++ for GM Studio
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    (☞⌐■_■)☞ @Alice
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    The one with the different distributions is definitely not a valid point anymore.
    I mean, there are technologies to tackle this specific issue, that existed for ages.
    Like, bundling library's with executables, static linking, appimages, snap, flatpak.
    Every publisher, that brings that point can definitely go fuck itself.
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    @metamourge exactly!

    And if they are concerned of all the other distro's... Just support debian officially, that way the 'generel' public of the Linux space will probably be using Ubuntu or debian based distros (Yes i know im probably wrong but eh)

    Or as much as I hate snaps (And that is a lot of hate), I think a game engine like GMS would be the perfect candidate, it doesn't use system theming, it isn't something youll need to quickly open so slow loading times arent a major factor and obviously the cross distro base compatibility...

    (Sorry about the rant within a rant but as soon as people start making excuses for not supporting linux i get a tad miffed)

    EDIT: Pretty sure the IDE and Runtime are based on mono as well soooooooooooooo
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    Use godot, billion times better
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    @ganjaman I can't seem to get into Godot, it sort of comes off as a mix of Gamemaker and Unity but not in a way I can get behind...

    (Not saying it's a bad engine but I can't get into it when I could also use Unity on Linux or stick with the shit method I have for GM)
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    I kinda doubt that the tons of programmers behind products like these wouldn't know every point you mentioned already. They are very, very competent people who've been around in the industry.

    There must be other reasons, like a cost-benefit analysis. For eg. if they have 20k dollars to spend, does it give them more benefit to add Linux support or to add {insert new feature/more QA/etc.} to the existing Windows/Mac codebase? My guess is that in many cases they'd be choosing the latter for more benefit. Nobody would want to leave a Linux market untouched if it could get them extra benefit, they would ignore it only because of solid business reasons. Or at least what they think are solid business reasons.

    Just an example, hope you got the point.
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    @RememberMe I do understand everything with that but if that is the case, why give us excuses instead of legitimate answers
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    @kenogo Makes sense for apps targeting the general market but there's also the fact that there are many more Linux users in dev than as general users: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/...

    Still not with Linux leading but it's a more realistic statistic when discussing OS support for an app focusing on development...
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    @kenogo same with Mac and games but it's released on mac...

    And if that's the case we should just abandon Linux all together, fuck trying to make things better by releasing the necessary tools to do so, it doesn't work well so fuck it
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    Small update with this, it's looking like wine 4.0 may actually be able to get GMS 2 running but unfortunately can't test as the build won't seem to work on my system so I'll have to wait for the official release
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