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    I've used a few more desktop chat apps and they don't behave like that.
    Close means CLOSE, not minimize!! If we want to minimize we can click on that button like we're not dumb we can differentiate between both! Skype needs to get that!!
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    @Alice I'm talking about WhatsApp for desktop. And it is, by no means "old".
    And yeah, full Skype is pretty useless. Though I stopped using Skype some time ago, don't feel the need.
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    @dontbeevil yeah, in case of Whatsapp and Messenger it's fine. But not in case of Skype.
    Because I don't receive messages on Skype so it's of no use to keep it running in the background and showing the creepy icon in the status bar!
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    @dontbeevil Stopped using it long time ago, not because of this reason though :v
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