Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones in, whatever music that your mood requires at the time (my taste varies from classical to country to blues to jazz, pop, rock, metal and even heavy metal (growls) at times).

libre.fm is a good source for non-redundant music. The community channel is actually very good. (even though some crap do creep in every once in a while)

If you can zone out the noise around you, have a coffee machine within your chair's (assuming it has wheels) roll-range - you're all good.

PS : There's one problem that you can never rule out - interruptions from people around you, for that, you make a list of predefined answers :

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    I agree with everything except the coffee machine. You need to get up and walk about a little every hour or so. Take it from me, in 30 years your body will thank you.
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    The neat trick about dolphins is that they only half-sleep. Only one part of their brain goes "offline" while the other keeps working normally. :)
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    @Robinha I agree, but I don't see developers 2 generations down living above the age of 40.
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    @SnafuAI Alas, humans don't have that luxury. I wish we could, but no, the creator had to give it to Dolphins - and for what? :shurg:

    I wish there was a super-hero who was a developer and who had that power as their super-power. :ok_hand:
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    I need to make such a list.

    Interruptions from people are so annoying, specially in open office setup.
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    That guy is no dev. He should have said anwser 0 not 1!!!
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    @Gregozor2121 Looking at the guy's screen, the device in front of him and it's peripherals, he looks like a designer.
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    @shine for not drowning, dude.
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    Looks like prank to me. Perhaps his collegues put that paper at his back while he was lost in design :)
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