Listening to two girls argue about how thin their eyebrows are is what you deserve for forgetting your headphones at home

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    Clutch fullblown out of my headphones for the second day in a row , finally , no more tube chatter and rail sounds , just silent stares and mouths opening. Why haven't I done this before ?
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    Love how the main focus isn't even about the girls.
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    If the conversation was about lady gardens, it might be differentšŸ˜„
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    Forgetting proper protection and getting exposed to the conversations of the hoi polloi, has increased my sympathy with van Gogh.
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    Remember spaces vs tabs? Yeah, we're not that great either.
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    Omg, wish I could ++ this 100 times. This is totally my office if I forget my headphones!
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    At least you get to have human interaction.
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    I like women with real eyebrows. The drawn on ones are really bad.
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    If you ever get your brows done and end up with the sperm cell look, I mean yeah, can't be happy with that. 2thin4me
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