I don't think I need to explain any further.

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    And you are wrong with your assumption
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    ❤ Slack.
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    @electrineer OK. I agree. I might love the application in itself and the innovation that they brought to the workplace, but it is also the biggest distraction to do productive work.

    Maybe this was better suited for #wk51
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    @shine does your team play with memes and gifs a lot or something?

    Our Slack channels get automatic messages from our application/service logs immediately when errors occur. My desktop dings, my phone dings, we can respond immediately and proactively before a client tells us about it.

    Also, we see immediate activity on our many different GitHub repositories any time anybody interacts with them in any way. Of course, those notifications can be ignored and only sent if they match specific key words, customized per person.

    On my end, slack has greatly improved what we do/how we do it.
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    @duckWit I wish we had a slack team per team in the organization to be able to do that. Unfortunately, that's not the case, at least in my organization.

    We too have all the important monitoring notifications et al. For those, I even have multiple levels of alerting as per the level of warnings outside of slack too.

    My problem is when people just simply ping you for random stuff (and that pulls you out your zone). If they don't hear back from you, they just come over.

    I find myself being invited to random channels only because they want to mention that I did something. I really wish that slack the option of asking you whether you wanted to join a channel even if you were explicitly mentioned / invited to a channel.

    Thanks to the Notifications Snooze feature, I use it all the time coupled with the Away feature when I get into my zone, but that still doesn't stop people from pinging and sending me notifications anyway.
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    @shine thanks for the clarification. What you are describing is likely a symptom of any kind of messaging app in an office setting, not exclusive to Slack.
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    @duckWit You're right, but in today's world, it's pretty much only Slack.

    There's Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Google Chat (& Meet) that have very few market share, but the rest of it is all Slack (and Skype for Business, of course; but the use-case for that is a lot different compared to Slack)

    I mentioned Slack, because my organization uses Slack. I love the application for the innovation and the technology, but I hate it for the distraction it is.
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    I had to use it at at least on internship, definitely not a fan.
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    @linuxxx Matrix/Riot.im tho 😍
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    @kenogo I'm a fan of Matrix as well but alas, it can't be used for work. Unless you're organization uses their own IRC server - which I'd very much prefer.

    I used to use Slack over their IRC gateway, but now they killed that too.
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    @shine How does Matrix require your organization to run their own IRC server?
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    Sorry, those 2 statements were unrelated.

    Running a matrix home-server / running an IRC server is too costly for small start-ups.
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    @shine You don't need to run a Matrix server to use it though. You can just use the matrix.org server. And running a matrix server for a small startup will only cost you a few dollars per month.
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    it would not make sense for an organization to not have their own server - be it matrix or IRC.

    They'd have a lot of channels for different purposes and would prefer if there wasn't noise from other channels around.

    Also, they'd like if they were isolated from other servers as well. And they'd prefer having their data on their own servers.
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    @shine well why should they use slack then? I don't get it… And what do you mean with "noise from other channels"? It's the user's decision what channels they connect to, their client will connect just as happily to an external IRC/Matrix/Slack server.
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    I don't want to use Slack either. What I meant by "noise from other channels" is that if you used the matrix.org home-server, you'd be able to access the multitude of other channels that are available on the home-server.

    That's probably not something that an organization would prefer. There's also the question of locality of the company's information / data.

    It would be easier to discover design:company.com, ops:company.com, infra:company.com rather than design_company:matrix.org, ops_company:matrix.org, infra_company:matrix.org.

    Not to mention the other rooms publicly discoverable on matrix.org which also includes NSFW channels.

    And then again, you could possibly make a matrix server inaccessible / non-discoverable on the matrix network so that it would be pseudo-isolated from the rest of the matrix world.
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    @shine Full Slack 9gag Developer 😁
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