I'm probably going to stay up all night to finish my school project... It's not even for an grade but I would feel like shit not having finished it.
Also it's propably a fun story to tell.

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    I did the same half a year ago and now I am addicted to staying up all night xD. I code, chill some, do my school work which now really easy but it used to be a real pain back then.
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    @Besi Never heard that people do that regularly, but it sound nice :D
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    Hey, I'm doing the same but at university, what is your project?
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    @TheSaltyDev We have to create something related to a security topic. We chose password security and a video. The video is currently in the making, but it's 2am and school begins at 7:45 so I'm just gonna stay up.
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    I feel like shit and we didn't present the projects today... fml
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    @Marl3x Ouch! I'm a information security student so everythings a security topic with me, I'm developing a vulnerability scanner for a business network with information sourced from the dark web etc.
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