Today I upgraded from Netbeans 8.2 to Netbeans 10; it works like a charm.
Is there anybody that uses Netbeans ?
Sometimes I feel alone.

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    You could team up with those who use eclipse to not feel so alone
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    The only time i ever open netbeans is when i need to throw together a quick WYSIWYG gui...theres nothing else intellij doesnt do better
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    Netbeans user here! Dropped Jetbrains products for it actually :)

    Used vscode to try out but nope, netbeans it is!
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    Yes, I use it both for Java and PHP projects.

    Only at workplace, basically.
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    @electrineer Good idea! Then we could say something like "Others: 0.4%" :D
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    i use it both at work and at home.

    At work, our boss wants to migrate to vscode "because everyone is using it", but HEY!, there is time, so I'm still using 8.2.

    At home, I installed phpstorm on windows (free trial) and I want to try it, even if I think I'll not buy it. On my Mac, I should upgrade to 10. How is it? Last time I installed it, it supported only java :/
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    @taglia I write PHP only and the support is great! Was already with earlier versions though.
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    @electrineer now you mention a good, free C++ IDE for a Linux box :)

    Don't say it, VIM it's not an IDE, and it's not any better than Eclipse!
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    @linuxxx yep, netbeans 8.2 is great, but as I said, the first release of "apache netbeans" (10) didn't include PHP.

    I'll give it a try then :)
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    @taglia Netbeans 10 supports PHP natively. Today is my first work day with NB10 .
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