Popular opinion: AI is nothing more than complicated algorithms that no one appreciated before and probably never will. 99.9% of all coding would be AI if mainstream media had their way.

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    Well yeah,
    as long as we don't manage to create Geth, AI will stay a fancy term for specific complex algorithms.
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    It’s like the cloud. It’s a buzzword for something that has existed for quite some time.
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    in my opinion it shouldn't be artificial intelligence. if it truly is modeled like the brain, its not an artificial neural network, its just a neural network. just because it's not an actual physical brain, doesn't mean it's different conceptually.
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    todays "AI" is just statistics.
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    Unfortunately Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used interchangeably these days.

    While AI being the concept of intelligent machines and ML the data driven approach of solving problems with statistics and complex algorithms geared towards solving a specific domain problem.
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