Too much work kills your brain cells.

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    Happened to me before, too. And for some time I kept going to my own superuser.com post to have a list of special characters to bind actions to in Notepad++, because it shows the American characters for keys, even on a German keyboard.
    And it has happened about 10 times so far that I wanted to comment something on an old YouTube video and found pretty much the same comment by me on it already, years old. Once I even found that comment and a reply by myself that this had happened, so I actually wanted to comment the same thing three times.
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    …and I just started reading a DevRant post and suddenly noticed the green ++ icon.
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    At least he was the one to catch himself.

    I was at a friend's bonfire one night and showed them a neat trick I had come up with involving a cell phone screen and a, um, cigarette...

    A year later the same friend had another bonfire on the same occasion. About halfway into the night I started rummaging around for a flashlight and something relatively flat.

    My friends of course asked me what I was doing and when I told them, they suggested to just use my phone, saying to turn the backlighting on.

    Me of course, thinking their solution was just absolutely pure fucking genius, immediately responded as such, asking how the hell they managed to come up with it.

    Their reply...

    We didn't. You showed us last year when you were sitting in that same chair your sitting in right now.

    In hindsight, it might be a safe assumption that too much work isn't the only thing that can kill brain cells. But then again, the year in between was the year that I started my business 🤔
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    I have unashamedly self-answered questions on SO before for this very reason - I knew full well I'd end up doing just this.
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    @AlmondSauce I posted my Notepad++ question exactly for the purpose of answering it myself. SE wants to be a knowledge base, so I contributed my knowledge instead of just writing it down privately (probably in a place where I would have searched for it much longer than simply going to my SU account or googling the question).
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    @Fabian Absolutely. I've never had any flak from anyone on SO for self answering a question - it's very much encouraged.
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    I can confirm this has happened to me
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    This has happened to me as well. Amusing to find so many other people it's happened to as well xD
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