Apparently Razer is rewarding its users with "Razer Silver" - currency for use ONLY on Razer Products - if you install their crypto miner ("Razer Softminer") and earn them money? ...what???


Thoughts? I think this is ridiculous. But I am also curious about it.

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    Prizes seem kinda shitty (I did just scroll through quickly, so could be wrong) or extremely hard to get.

    Lose-lose situation on the user end, imo.
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    @Stuxnet Thanks for giving us some bitcoins, here's a $150 headset that cost us $25 to produce.

    Oh, your graphics card got fucked? Whoops, that sucks.
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    Yea, fuck that.

    I like their claim that it’s not crypto currency, yet it’s you mining it.
    Oh and each coin is valid for 12 months from when it’s earner, so you either go big or go home.

    Plus the hardware is fucking extortion if you look at those prices. Just buy the goods yourself.
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    There's probably a way to game the system that involves already owning and OP rig and just putting Razer's cheapest mouse on it
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    Oh and mining doesn't really hurt graphics cards too much as long as the temps stay low
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