"We chose Android Native as our dev stack because we all got experience in Java"

- The biggest mistake I've ever made in a group project

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    You mean you've mistakenly chosen to use Android's NDK instead of SDK, which forced you to code in C/C++ instead of Java/Kotlin, right? 😅
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    @Agred haha that would've been fun 😂 But no, I didn't have lots of troubles with it besides the CompatActivity and Fragment lifecycle which was a bit confusing at first.

    My group members on the other hand, although they all previously coded in Java, were a bit overwhelmed which was clearly visible in the final code. It mostly consisted of duplicate code and copy-paste from StackOverflow and the layouts were complete garbage (although the styling was great!)

    Spent 15 hours fixing the layouts and had to convert almost everything to Fragments, as everything was declared as Activities with little to no lifecycle-specification, which didn't get along well with some Services we've implemented.
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    @frickerg The Android SDK is some weird shit. I made the mistake of making everything an Activity, too. Now I am planning to use as few Activities as possible for the next project.
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    @Lensflare I'd totally do that too! Fragments are way easier to handle inside an activity
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    @Lensflare I'll take back everything I've said as I tried to change a TextView inside a Fragment for hours now to display a MAC address of a connected bluetooth device 😂
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    @frickerg It's really not that hard :D You just need to get a hang of it and it'll become like a second nature.
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    @Agred I'm starting to get the hang of it... The lifecycle is well-documented but asynchronous functions can be quite hard to apply in Views, I'm much more used to traditional Java, but it's fun to code in Android nonetheless
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