There is a mark on the whiteboard hanging behind my desk that says:

"Days without people walking on <me> doing something weird"

Thus far. The head of the department has walked on me making fun of Indians(I make fun of everyone, my indian brothas from another mothas don't be upset, I particularly make fun of Mexicans), going on a monologue about how the white ranger rules supreme. Why Mario could totally destroy Mickey Mouse in a fight, why my manager is secretly in love with me(with her listening intently into my reasons) and singing the bad touch going "mimi"...dude just make mimi sound like words and you'll get what I mean.

Sometimes the dude just pauses by my desk to check if I am saying anything stoopid.

Work can be really funny sometimes.

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    Nigga mickey lowkey has magic fucking powers, no way a fucking closet furry plumber can beat him
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    @ganjaman Mario can transform into a racoon and throw fire balls, of course he's going to wreck that arse of a mouse.
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    A software developer from good old Texas making fun of Mexicans should be funny.
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    the little gems that one lost WFH
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    @ganjaman wooot the hell are you talking about mane!! Mario has Tanooki/intergalactic/plumber/fire powers. I mean, the dude has some fire kung fu skills from smash. He would wreck that mouse
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    @mundo03 I am Mexican myself :D
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    @AleCx04 Me too and I too make fun of indiands and Mexicans.
    I though I was special, but I guess no mexican is :(
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    @mundo03 we kinda are.
    Do this:

    La siguiente vez que estes en publico, di en voz alta "por eso el pendejo del Trump quiere el muro".

    Una vez que digas esto ve como la multitud se ofende por mamadas que ni ellos mismos entienden.

    Ahora, como es que esto te hace unico? De ser alreves la situacion a poco no te daria risa y dirias "al chile que si we"

    Eso es lo que nos hace unicos y no malinches :P
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    @AleCx04 hahaha
    Cabrón, por eso Trump quiere el muro.
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    @mundo03 @AleCx04 Pablo Escobar. Narcos. Los helados. Trump.
    Si, si, senior.
    *activates Trump card*
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