->Replaced Windows with Ubuntu Budgie on first day of internship

->Ubuntu crashes under slightest pressure (running Firefox with like 5 tabs + VS Code)


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    I would have taunted you until the end of time, were I in the same company.
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    What is the crash about? 5 tabs is like nothing. I don't know about VS Code
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    Well vscode equals something like 500 tabs 🤔 /s
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    When I'm at work I have 10 tabs in Firefox, 15 tabs in vscode, keepass, insomnia, slack and discord open in ubuntu budgie. So I don't think it's the fault of ubuntu budgie.
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    No way Ununtu is at fault here... Way more lightweight than Windows. Something else is majorly wrong with the system.
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    Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means "I can't configure Debian".

    Other than that, no fucking way ubuntu is unstable. Maybe its that silly budgie crap you put on top of it. Get some proper DE please.
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    Do you have enough swap? With vscode and Firefox my ram gets eaten up pretty quickly, and I had full freezes every now and then because my swap got full too. So I set up the swap file to 16Gb, now I'm never having these full freezes again. It sometimes just hangs for a few seconds when there's a huge amount of data put on swap.
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    What specs does your system have
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