Thats a cool trick!

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    Unless you turn it in in person or to an online service like turn it in and you also don't use Google docs then ya this will work.
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    Holy meow I didn't think of that one :D should have used it a long time ago
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    90s advice.
    Try again with the current century.
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    Plot Twist: Teacher only accepts pdf files.
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    @devearl darnit XD
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    @devearl Pretty sure you can corrupt that too. Or make a script that creates a MB of random bytes.
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    I don't know, if I'm the teacher, I'll fail the student for not knowing how to properly send a word file via email.
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    OP surely did some serious scavenging to bring up this one back. This image is probably around 10 years old or more.
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    @Yvan ive done this
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    @xalys couldn't expect less.
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    Did that back in the days but with a PDF, same principle just delete the first few lines and it gets corrupted. The funny bit is that I never heard a feedback from the teacher.
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    @WIPocket `cat /dev/urandom | head -c 1M > assigment.pdf`
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    @mishaor Now make an android app so you can submit minutes before the deadline without a pc
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    @mishaor and also how it looks in evince
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    Till your professor tells you that's not his problem LOL
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    @mishaor i wonder if it can make a random legit pdf ? That way you could say well I let my new ai make my assignement
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    It's 2019, not 1920.
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    @Spark probably yes, there's a lot of libraries for each language to generate a PDF.
    for example:
    - Go: gopdf
    - Ruby: prown or pdf-write?
    - Python: literally none
    - C#: PDFSharp
    and there's even more for each language!
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    Yes... It wont work when they require a written A4 copy...
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    It works with pdf as well :D
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    One word:
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