as I've said in the previous rant, I know nothing about cryptography but I wanna make a tattoo and you guys have to validate how easy it is from samples.

Round 1:


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    Took about 20 minutes to find. Good challenge but not hard enough yet!
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    While it is not a lot of information to work with (for frequency analysis)
    some thing are fairly easy to see:
    it's symmetric
    it's more than one word (so there need to be spaces)
    A seems to translate to that space perfectly
    o seems a letter which can stand as a single word (so I or A)

    that's what I found after a minute and I'd expect anyone who doesn't blindly search the algorithm immediately to find this.

    I'm too lazy to continue solving it, however I'd start with trying some rot algorithms or replacement algorithms to find a solution.
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    Simple rot, like Caesars, is insufficient, it keeps spaces and characters case. It's possible we have here rot over [a-zA-Z].
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    Use one-time-pad encryption. It is optimal in the class of perfectly secret schemes and provably unbreakable (considering a good random number generator and sufficiently long messages)
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    @mt3o @kleopi @mszaf ok, that was like a baseline model, do you guys think I can use this model to be slightly harder to solve? I want it to be solvable but not for every Fresher Politology student ?
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