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    Root password is ZION0101?
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    Exploits author almost choked when he saw that scene.
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    Fun fact, sci-fi movie "Arrival" consulted with Wolfram on what the tech and approach to decoding and communicating with a glyph-based alien race would look like.

    They looked into the mathematics and linguistics of expressing concepts in a temporally non-linear way and all the examples of alien language you see in the movie are a result of this work.

    They have a blog post on it https://blog.wolfram.com/2017/01/...

    And Wolfram was also consulted on the shape and function of the space ship.

    I just love it when media really goes in and does its homework.
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    I still cringe when I see Neo frantically hitting Ctrl-X though.

    Off by one key.
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    You should see Mr. Robot.
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    I see Matrix, I upvote
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    I know kung fu
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