Shit. My ssd died y-day. Got a new one [970evo] today (tx bro!).

Guess who's gonna spend the night recreating the whole env: ui, scripts, triggers, integrations, tunnels, qemu vms, apps, bkup restores,....


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    You don't have any backups?
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    How many TB of writes did it manage before dying?
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    @taigrr i've backed up what's crucial for me: scripts, source codes, very few system configs. All these must be restored, placed in their dirs, hooked to apps which also have to be restored. Incomming scripted ssh connections will still be failing bcz host key has changed.

    Vms I did not back up bcz they are too fat. No biggie there since w10 is free to use.

    Ui setup I did not back up as well. It'd take me longer to restore backups than recreate it all from square 1.

    NEVERTHELESS even if I have bkups of configs it does not mean they'll work. Newer os, newer libs, newer apps.

    So hello long night ahead :)
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    @jespersh don't really know. But it served me well.

    3 years, ~10 os reinstalls, at least 3 complete partition moves, lots of constant writes (idea autosave, app/syslogs, etc.),... So I really dunno how to measure :) I'd check with smart if I could still access it... But I no longer can
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    @netikras 3 years? Jeez i hope mine doesn't die soon...
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    I suggest buying another ssd and after you are done with setting up your first one, then clone it to another. So u will have a decent mirror backup :)
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    @zemaitis another 120€ just for a backup and additional work refreshing it to keep it up to date? Naah, thanks :)
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    @netikras you can always make a raid connection and mirror it in real time (if you have a stacionary pc its pretty easy, if its laptop then its tricky unless you have a laptop with a cdrom and are able to replace it with your mirrored backup hard drive)
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    @zemaitis xps13 9350 :) hence it's a no-go.

    And your suggestion has one critical flaw. I'd be stuck with an old (if not legacy) OS. Now I got newest Mint installed (ffs, it took me like 3 minutes to install this thing.. it's fckng insane!), with new kernal, newest core libs, new apps. I'm no longer falling behind. With a mirror or raid1 I'd slowly drift to legacy world. It's spooky :)
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    @netikras Legacy os? Come on man :)
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