Whenever I code in javascript I feel like I need a shower afterwards. Told my wife it's like going to amsterdam's red light district with all the different frameworks and libraries it has.

I give it to the frontend guys. I couldn't do it ever day.

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    I love working with JavaScript, I do it every day. I don’t feel dirty at all, sure there are lots of tools and frameworks, but I feel like it’s similar with backend work too, no? You can create a backend service using a number of languages, each with their own framework, which has its own extensions and libraries. That’s not even considering the database you decide to use and the platform you want to host it on.

    It’s not as bad as you think. Just stick with what you like and what works.
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    @52cal I agree.
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    @52cal Blasphemy, javascript isn't even a proper language ... it's a Speech deficiency
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    I love the fact that anyone can start off a career working with JS. And fucking love how that pisses some uptight devs off.

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    "If you struggle you don't know JS", said every JS fanboy while having 3 GB in node modules and strict linters in VS code while using VS code git shit because they can't git in cli.
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    And here I am going to build a complete web application in mern stack, thinking 'well thid thread has been motivating'
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    @Hansz then how come there's hardly any modern website running without some form of it?
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