Aaaannnd again a failed interview.
Just because I didn't pay enough attention to the question.

Did that ever happen to you guys? Like you just write a huge pile of code, you look at it, you're proud, but it ends up not working because you forgot one little thing that makes it completely incorrect?

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    Not on a test.
    But I’ve done that in prod, let it sit there and be used without flaw for many years then bam, the bug appears.
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    Interviews like these are retarded. Bet you those fuckers don't run shit perfectly at the first time. Specially if they write code on a test framework first.

    I am more interested on algorithmic thinking. Syntax wizards are a dime a dozen.
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    Yes, either because of:
    Inverse: 1-(a/b) vs (a/b)
    Wrong False: a>b vs a<b
    Time: utc vs cst
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    Yes. Usually a while loop comparing in the wrong direction or a typo.
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    @rEaL-jAsE when I said proud I just meant that I was happy when it was finished.
    But yeah you're right, I need to always double-check myself
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