People who don't like mathematics have never actually studied the subject.

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    I don't hate the subject per se, I hate how it was taught in school.
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    People who don't like mathematics never met someone who could actually teach it.
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    Or they just don't like math
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    And I didn't study it, because I didn't like it
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    It’s just a skill, don’t take it to seriously cause everyone can learn it.
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    Almost failing maths in school, but I agree. I have never studied maths until now because I failed to grasp some concepts
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    I honestly believe that Math is the hardest subject to teach simply because not everyone has the same level of understanding needed for it.

    Some people are not as bright as others, this is fine, but they can be taught fundamental Math with the proper instructor.

    No, it is not a skill that everyone can have in the same level that not everyone can code, this is fine as well.

    I love Math. I am not a "natural" at it as some others, but I know how to teach myself and I've the luck of having amazing teachers.
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    Math is amazing. If difficult.
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    Though I don't normally agree with shady government agencies, I have to agree with @theNSA on this one.

    People do have different personalities, interests, and abilities. We're not all basically instances of the same person living different lives.

    That said, I'm not someone who outright hates it. I like it for its purposes. But I don't get out of bed in the morning screaming "I NEED MOAR MATHSZ.Z.!-1-!!" It's just not my favorite thing to do.
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    Thats wrong.
    I studied it a lot during my cs degree and I still dont like it. I dont hate it either. Its just kinda there
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    And those who have studied it hate it even more.
    I study physics and we have a few maths modules, they are hard and exhausting.
    Don't get me wrong, maths is beautiful when you see a proof and somehow get how it all connects, but actually doing it yourself and trying to find the magic way of doing things is painful and frustrating.
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