as you guys know this is still related on my prev rants, today i just found out that we cant bring or use headphone while we are on our work stations and guess what you cant chat with your team mates too unless its official business regarding the project other topics such as hobbies or anything are not allowed and you will get reported to the boss...

like G*d dammit you cant code since everything is blocked.. you cant install dev tools and sh*t you cant browse any websites *good thing is the did not block this site.. so far* ... you cant talk... its just staring at the ceiling for 8 freaking hrs -_- someone pls kill me

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    God damn, how do you collaborate in an environment like that?

    For when they block devRant 😥
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    @C0D4 I was like "how does one use an alternative client if they block the URL" and then saw that the API is at a different one.
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    @C0D4 we collaborate on lunch time we discuss what needs to be discussed for the whole day and thats about it, when we are back to our stations all lips zipped kinda sad really and to think we are in a "big" company that is well known in asia
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    @monmadmatt If you talk about work during lunch, it's practically the same as working 9 hours a day...
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    Oh didn't know Meditation centers are called office now. 🤫
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    There's no faster way to completely demolish the morale of a team. Full marks to your managers for demonstrating rank incompetence.
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    @kamen i agree with you but we dont have nay choice just waiting to get terminated so i can get out of this freaking company
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    Maybe it's a good idea to start looking for other companies.
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