Do apk's keep record of IDE's that was used to develope them.
Pls show your sympathy for a poor dev like me.
A 400 level student in computer science came to me to develop a mobile app for his final year project, i decided to take the deal. i used react-native to build the app. when i finished the project the aim was achieved but then came the biggest stupid question "which IDE was used for the project?" i answered vsCode. then he said "The IDE i was supposed to use was Android studio" i told him that is not a problem i could use any IDE i prefer its all the same all i need to do is set up the enivronment and he answerd "i have failed my project" he lamented i asked why and he said because his lecturer said the apk must be generated from android studio. i understand that the problem was not because i didnt use pure java(android) or because i used react-native(java(android) but because i didnt use android studio to build the app . i began to question my knowledge "do apk files keep record of ide that was used to develope them? pls help me maybe some apk do. i didnt know how to convince him everything was ok because it seems he is not technically incline he just one of those guys who are taught programing on the white board not on a computer and have no real experience. he later accepted to submit the project like that since the dead line is close and hope to see a fat F on his result but later told me he got an A in the project.

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    Don't know much about android dev but I know for a fact that appx packages didn't contain such info.

    Watching this thread to learn something new today 😊
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    Apks dont contain such information as far as i know.
    Though you can usually tell from a glance if an apk is cross platform or native. Dont know if that would be an issue for him or not.
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    Why are you developing a final year project for a student? Don't you have any morals?
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    Congrats. You did the homework for a student who would not have been able to do his task.

    And that's why we have so many complete idiots with degree who can't do shit.

    I just wish you to get co-workers like that where you have to do your work AND theirs with no extra money. For fuck's sake.
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    I hope at least the bitch gave good head
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    Well you could see that it was developed in react native and android studio doesn't support it? Not sure, just guessing, I've never done Android dev. Also what kind of project is it that you just hand in the binary and not the code itself?
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