the slow internet explorer...

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    You know internet explorer and edge are fundamentally different....
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    @creativeJuice actually not. Both have only a future as undead browser zombies.
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    @Fast-Nop Edge's destiny is almost grimmer than his older brother since he had to switch to Chromium instead of keeping "his ground".
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    @Fast-Nop It was such a dumb business decision to make edge's logo look like IE's. No wonder people didn't even try it
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    @kenogo I wouldn't say so,because the people that mostly used IE didn't even realise that something was different, and that's a good thing for them and those that help them. For the more "IT" people out there, they're either curious and give it a try or just simple believed whatever was said about it.
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    @Jilano If it was just about keeping IE users, they wouldn't have had to rewrite a browser from scratch. They could have just updated IE.

    But they undertook a huge effort to produce an actually really nice browser (And I'm definitely not a Windows fanboy so it means something when I say that), and failed miserably at marketing it. And I think it actually boils down to the logo. You see, most people have horrible memories of IE. Those who don't simply have never tried a good browser. So for most people, when they see the edge logo, they are immediately biased against it.

    There absolutely isn't anything to HATE about edge (except privacy concerns, but these apply to Chrome, too). I actually prefer Edge over Chrome because it seems more lightweight… But that's not based on rigorous tests, just a gut feel. But still, Edge gets almost as much hate as IE. That has got to be a marketing problem.
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    @kenogo It's more than that. MS is bad at playing the catch-up game. Their "business strategy" is mostly a one trick pony: wait, watch, copy badly and leverage the desktop monopoly. When that fails, they just gawk like a pig at clockwork.
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    @kenogo I completely understand and agree with you, but how would you have manage the "let's change everything! Name and logo included" without losing the "non-tech" part of the population?
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