the slow internet explorer...

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    You know internet explorer and edge are fundamentally different....
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    @creativeJuice actually not. Both have only a future as undead browser zombies.
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    @Fast-Nop Edge's destiny is almost grimmer than his older brother since he had to switch to Chromium instead of keeping "his ground".
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    @kenogo I wouldn't say so,because the people that mostly used IE didn't even realise that something was different, and that's a good thing for them and those that help them. For the more "IT" people out there, they're either curious and give it a try or just simple believed whatever was said about it.
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    @kenogo It's more than that. MS is bad at playing the catch-up game. Their "business strategy" is mostly a one trick pony: wait, watch, copy badly and leverage the desktop monopoly. When that fails, they just gawk like a pig at clockwork.
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    @kenogo I completely understand and agree with you, but how would you have manage the "let's change everything! Name and logo included" without losing the "non-tech" part of the population?
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