My only nemesis are sales people.
* They try to sell the impossible to the customer.
* They think even the biggest change takes only some minutes to implement, and tests do not even exist.
* They promise to deliver an app within half the time which means we have to cut out animations or some tests to deliver when due.
* They often get a commission (sometimes not as part of profit but revenue!) for calling their pals and asking them if they wanna buy something new (some say they also take the risk, but they don't, the company does).

There may be exceptions, but my perceived ratio between good and bad sales is about 1/20.
Now I am in a very small company with only one sales guy. Guess what, he is a good one! I hope he stays forever.

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    I'm a developer again.... But got out of it to try sales - those guys make some serious $

    I quit sales because I got tired of of mgmt telling me to tell the customer we'll add his required feature if they'll buy, knowing full well it would be years before they would
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    If all salesmen know what they're talking about then we'll all lose our jobs, hope it makes you feel better by thinking this way
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    @Fjord Why? They do not need to know the specific internals of every app but know about the time it takes when they already have worked for some years in the software domain, etc.

    And sales was and will be necessary (as well as programming), so there's that.
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    Knowing the time and challenge that take to implement and test a new feature requires a good understanding to the program. It's the bit that salesmen missed out hence impossible promises made to the customers that drove you nuts.
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    We would never cut out animations, because it seems visual impact is more important nowadays than actual functionality, right? ^^
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    @Nucifera You are right. Just let a "Not yet implemented!"" text fade in from the right to let the user know.
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