Is it possible to install TeamViewer/AnyDesk on a Debian Server (there is no Display attached to it so it has no real Desktop)?

I installed KDE and xrdp on it and that worked, the problem is that TeamViewer and also AnyDesk have a problem because they both can't find/use the fake RDP Desktop. Well and RDP is just so fucking slow...

So if anyone has some experience in this, I'd appreciate some help.

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    Have you already tried VNC?
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    @systemctl I've read about it but I didn't really try to set it up... well I will try it again thanks!
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    @systemctl thank you, it works! The only Problem I have is that there is no Taskbar? How can I fix that?
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    @EaZyCode Are you sure your VNC window's big enough? You might need to scroll to see it, or just go into fullscreen.

    (Ich hab aber noch nicht ganz den Sinn von KDE/irgendeinem DE auf einem Server gefunden?)
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    @systemctl ich habe genau die selbe Größe eingestellt, die mein Bildschirm hat. Ich wollte eigentlich nur mal testen wie sich 1GBit im Browser anfühlt.
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    @EaZyCode Servers normally don't have GPUs, so the DE + Browser etc. will all fall back to software rendering, and that might be quite noticeably slower than with full hardware acceleration.
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