How the hell do you write an ISO to a thumbdrive on Linux without using syslinux/bootiso (as it's a Windows ISO)?

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    wine plus rufus
    ISO with > 4 GB Windows Installation Files, you'll need 2 partitions.
    One EFI vfat containing all folders + (sources dir containing only one file - boot.wim)
    Other NTFS containing complete sources directory.
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    @Haxk20 Never heard of it, might be worth a look!

    @IntrusionCM Wait, Rufus works in Wine???
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    And Rufus is the best in my opinion.

    There are a lot of projects like winusb or others which are not maintained or forked and then discontinued.

    Rufus works.
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    sudo dd bs=4M if=iso.iso of=/dev/sdx

    Alternatively Ubuntu has an Image Writer that can write all kinds of disk images.
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    @620hun this ☝🏻. Ain't getting more basic than that.
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    Recently tried that, this is not working for a Windows 10 ISO
    For Linux you are right
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    Bloated, but easiest flashing ui and works on all platforms
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    Use dd command
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    @lonelydev @620hun @IntrusionCM it's not hybrid (as it's a Windows ISO) so no dd. I'm using Fedora, so no Ubuntu writer. (The Fedora "image writer" is literally just a dd writer and the third-party ones I can find are as well.) I tried Rufus and winusb like an hour ago in Wine, neither see the stick.
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    If u see it in dmesg....

    sudo bash -l
    parted --align opt /dev/sde (or whatever device)
    mklabel gpt
    mkpart boot fat32 1MiB 1GiB
    set 1 esp on
    mkpart sources ntfs 1GiB 100 %
    mkfs.vfat /dev/sde1
    mkfs.ntfs /dev/sde2

    mkdir /mnt/win
    mkdir /mnt/win_boot
    mkdir /mnt/win_sources

    mount -t auto -o loop,ro wherever the windows image is /mnt/win

    mount -t auto -o rw /dev/sde1 /mnt/win_boot

    mount -t auto -o rw /dev/sde2 /mnt/win_sources

    rsync -v --exclude 'sources' /mnt/win /mnt/win_boot

    mkdir /mnt/win_boot/sources

    cp /mnt/win/sources/boot.wim /mnt/win_boot/sources

    cp -R /mnt/win/sources /mnt/win_sources

    umount /mnt/win*


    Everything out of memory. Feel free to ask
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    For latest Windows ISO containing a wim File > 4 GB, which cannot be written in FAT32 btw.

    Assuming UEFI boot / x64

    /dev/sde - USB stick, necessary 8 GB plus. (5 GB plus)
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    @IntrusionCM i dont have root access to system
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    @IntrusionCM i need it programmatically without using root
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    Eh.... Wut?!

    If you do not have root access it seems impossible.

    Why do u not have root access....?!!
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    @IntrusionCM the WIM is actually 1 byte under 4GB. Things are... distributed outside of it as well, leading to that.
    (Also i'm saving that as a script, if you're OK with it.)
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    No Problem.

    Just Check that i made no mistake and it works.
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