How do you fight the urge to sleep around 11pm?

How do you fix the desire to stay in bed under blanket till like 8am?

I am at a stage in life where I love my bed and my sleep more than sex. 🤦‍♂️ (So forget about working at late night or early morning)

Gods, HELP me!

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    @irene I sleep at about the same hour. But in winter, I am having trouble getting up at 7. 😑
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    11:30-12 and back up at 6am
    What is this urge to sleep?
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    @C0D4 I used to stay up till 01,02. Since last few years ago, I couldn't do that anymore. And to make things worse I couldn't get up earlier than 7/8 in the morning because the weather is just so cozy 🙁
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    Only way I know is to get busy with something absorbing, then you won't notice that you are sleepy, hungry, thirsty and so on.

    I would also consider replacing your mattress if it is 5+ years old.
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    @hash-table there is some belief that your sleep pattern is actually better, and closer to how we evolved.

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    Having this issue for a really long time now.. my sleeping schedule is all over the place. Waking up in the morning without having to snooze could be achieved by sleeping earlier, so that you could theoretically just naturally wake up without an alarm clock even. Personally I need between 6-7 hours of sleep so tuning for that is key.. and trying the best you can to go to sleep in time for that. Maybe I'll get myself some sleeping pills for that... 🤔
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