The CAPTCHA that can be copied. Noice.

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    goodluck getting through that captcha AI
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    Lol, building your own captcha system. Talking about re-inventig the wheel...
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    Let's hope that it's at least some fancy Unicode stuff and not just a different font.
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    This must be the best case of a bad developer.
    Even the laziest JavaScript devs would use an existing package/library and not build one of their own.
    This one went below the bar of laziness.
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    @Noob actually it's not lazy to develop something yourself ;)
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    @bdriesen you're partially correct.
    Sometimes it's much easier to build something of your own then learn how to implement a better, existing solution.
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    @maushax Exactly! What if you're blind AND deaf and still want to use their website?
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    Finally some goddamn progress around here :D
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