I love how my University CSSE courses make it hard for Windows users.
Student: Is it possible use VALGRIND in Windows CMD?
prof: I don't know, I only use Linux command line. Next question.

All programs must compile and run on Linux using g++. So everyone using windows has strip the IDE bloat and transfer the project files over to the remote Linux lab every single time they compile and run.

Benefits of being a Linux user!

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    Big fan of linux but your prof should go eat a dick
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    @AI-Overlord he is a dick. Hope he can eat himself
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    Orly? WSL runs GCC no problem, AND it can be used from within Windows IDEs. Now, your prof could either tell that and introduce everyone to Linux in a nice way, or be all "I'm too cool to give a shit about anything outside my scope of interest", and promote the stereotype that Linux users are dickheads who like to make your life hard. Way to go...
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    @hitko yeah they have no sympathy. The department as a standard grades using Linux. They taught us how to transfer the files to the school Linux server but that's about it.
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    Pretty sure valgrind exists in some form for Windows. Although if you're doing that kind of shit they're might be some differences between visual C and gnu c that will fuck you over. But there's always WSL, as mentioned, so there.
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