Frontend JS devs - did you take the plunge into Typescript?

I've done some reading and a simple intro course but I'm still on the fence, what pushed you over the edge to adopt it?

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    Static typing, and will probably used with after I’m used with vue
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    i use typescript in every project, both frontend and backend

    2 main reasons for me
    - static typing makes intellisense waaaaay smarter in editors (this is actually the main reason)
    - interfaces come very handy sometims

    beware of static typing tho, it doesn't make your code any better. don't do the mistake to "trust" your code more than you should.
    you need testing for that, not types. unit, integration and e2e.
    and the feedback loop with TS is LONGER than vanilla JS, not shorter (but imho it's still short enough)
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    @thatsnotnice great tips!! Will keep that in mind.
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    What got me into typescript? Well, our lead dev just introduced it without asking 😂.

    We work with react in the front-end and I really love interfaces for all the components. It gives a good overview what is allowed to be passed. I can not imagine working on a large application without typescript anymore. It really helps scaling.
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